Welcome to Christina with Caramel, where all things sweet are celebrated.

I simply love baking, and sharing that joy of creating is what this site is all about.  I bake everything from scratch and try to use fresh, local, and natural ingredients whenever possible.

I think I’ve always been a baker at heart, even though I didn’t grow up spending a lot of time in the kitchen (we were more a store-bought vanilla sheet cake kind of family)! As far back as I can remember I’ve loved flipping through colourful cookbooks and taking notes on new recipes to try out. I still have a lot of those little spiral-bound notebooks – pages now stuck together with sugar and sprinkles.

I believe everything can be enjoyed in moderation. I may have a major sweet-tooth but I balance it with a love of being active. It’s also handy that I have an amazing husband who very selflessly volunteers to take care of any leftovers.

Celebrate your sweet side and get baking!



21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Christina. 🙂
    I love you blog! I also love being active and that helps because I have a sweet tooth as well! Btw you have great photography on here as well!



  2. Love your blog! Can’t wait to see your newest posts! Oh, and I’m a caramel girl too. I can’t make caramel without eating at least half the batch myself!!


  3. Love the blog! I’m also a lover of baking and dancing…and I live in NZ! I haven’t been to Canada but have always wanted to travel to British Columbia…one day! Keep the great recipes coming =)

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